KC Scene: Contemporary Composers

By Anthony LaBat

Below, I’ve compiled a short list of composers from Kansas City who are involved in the contemporary music community here. Each entry contains a hyperlink to the composer’s website and bio (by proxy their Soundcloud sites), and below you’ll find a few pieces for each that I am particularly fond of. 

This list is by no means exhaustive, so if you know of more composers, or if you are a composer in and involved in the KC scene, please reach out with your info/links! There’s no prerequisite to be on the list. I’m going to update it and post a new one each month as we get more entries. Particularly if you’re a composer from an underrepresented group (POC/LGBTQIA+) absolutely get in touch. I want to make sure that every single member of our composing community is represented here. Reach out either through our Errata page or at diakcritical@gmail.com

Stacy Busch

I’m feelin’: 

  • Exercise in Self-Pity (Website/Soundcloud)

  • Why’d I Go: Mass* (Website/Soundcloud)

  • Creature (Soundcloud)

*Why’d I Go is part of a multi-movement work, Mass, that had its premiere in February of 2019 at Musical Theater Heritage in Crown Center. 

Lee Hartman

I’m feelin’:

  • Des Monstres et prodiges (Website)

  • Concerto for Vibraphone: Interlude I - Imaginary Antarctic Bird Songs: Homage to Ralph Vaughan-Williams (Website)

  • Beowulf Triptych (Website)

Ted King-Smith

I’m feelin’:

  • Colors (Website/Soundcloud)

  • Between Glimpses of Blue (Website/Soundcloud)

  • 200 Cars (Website/Soundcloud)

Michael Miller 

I’m feelin’: 

  • Arapima (Website/Soundcloud)

  • Copper Birds (Website/Soundcloud)

  • Guthrie Songs: Going Down the Road and Coda (Website Soundcloud)

Daniel Morel 

I’m feelin’: 

  • Winter Quartet for flute, clarinet, violin, and cello (Soundcloud)

  • Impromptus VIII: Pentad (Soundcloud)

  • Superior String Tango (Soundcloud)

Nick Omiccioli

I’m feelin’: 

  • Haunted Seas for Amplified Soprano & String Quartet (Soundcloud)

  • push / pull (Soundcloud)

  • a song of joys for SATB (Soundcloud)

*Nick Omiccioli, formerly based in KC, is currently based in Wisconsin. He continues to return to the city to work with performers and is frequently featured on contemporary programs. 

Leah Sproul-Pulatie

I’m feelin’: 

  • Three Love Songs: Enough (Soundcloud)

  • Brother (Soundcloud)

  • Pecan Pie (Soundcloud)

Ingrid Stölzel 

I’m feelin’: 

  • here there for Cello and Piano (Website/Soundcloud)

  • Unus Mundus for Solo Piano (Website/Soundcloud)

  • Panta Rhei for Wind Ensemble (Website/Soundcloud)