DiaKCritical & Stray Cat Film Center Present…


Opera and Film 

Very few mediums express the totality of art in the same way that opera and film do. It’s the costuming, lighting, set design, acting, and of course the music that bring together and supplement narratives. DKC and Stray Cat are excited to announce a new series where we watch and explore films and operas that share those narratives. Events will include back-to-back watch parties taking place over a weekend, and single-night events where we show scenes from each and dissect the nitty-gritty in dialogue and merriment. Keep your eyes wide and check out our social media and calendar for details.

Scripts & Scores

DKC and Stray Cat are actively looking for filmmakers, graphic artists, animators, directors, performers, and composers who want to make collaborative art with each other. If you need a platform and a voice, we’d love to check out your stuff and help you make it happen.

We’ll be hosting a “speed dating” event for artists to come and commune with one another, share ideas, and make artistic partnerships, so keep your eyes peeled on our Social Media for more details!

Already have an idea??? Write us a letter at diakcritical@gmail.com, or use our form on the Errata page. Please include you or your group’s pitch, and we’ll work to connect you/make it happen.