Meagan A. Conley

Meagan A. Conley is a writer and musician. Along with Alberto Racanati, she formed the group Marble, an electronic duo based in Kansas City, Missouri. She enjoys reading and running. Find her at


JJ Pearse

An advocate for the outlier, JJ Pearse is a musician specializing in a wide variety of mediums, focusing, perhaps naively, on what is new or different. He is curious, likes to listen, and better at organizing thoughts through writing than voicing them to his cat, Zoya - another avid listener.

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Alison DeSimone

Alison DeSimone is a musicologist, harpsichordist, and early music enthusiast residing in Kansas City, where she teaches at the UMKC Conservatory of Music & Dance. She has written reviews for KC Metropolis, gives pre-concert talks for many Kansas City musical institutions, and is a member of the board of the Kansas City Baroque Consortium.

preferred pronouns: she/her/hers


John Chittum

John is a failed composer, part-time arts non-profit president, Meetup organizer, new music trombonist, software engineer, avid home cooker, marathon runner, and very tired person. Probably because of run-on sentences


Likes: Quiet, fluffy cats, Menace Ruine

Dislikes: bad programming (software and concert), raw tomatoes, chestnuts (apparently)


Anthony LaBat


Writer, musician, and host at DiaKCritical, Kansas City. Takes notes and plays notes. I archive rare documents for a library and spend the rest of my time down the rabbit hole.